Jute is also known as 'the golden fiber', and for good reason. It grows with minimal use of water, fertilisers or pesticides. The jute plant absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen even faster than trees. It requires only a modest amount of (rain) water and space to grow abundantly under the sun — leaving behind fertile soil for future harvest. 


Should you ever grow tired of your rug, it’s good to know that jute is naturally biodegradable. We don't use any dyes, so that the jute strands keep their natural beauty and strength. This adds to the longevity of the rug, and prevents needless toxic harm to the planet.


BODEM rugs takes its name from the Dutch word for soil, ground or base — referring to the soil our jute sprouts from, as well as how a rug offers a grounding layer of nature; the base of your home.


We're a zero stock company. If an item is not needed, it doesn’t get made.