BODEM rugs are handmade from premium jute which is naturally matte, soft and durable. Our skilled crafts(wo)men use time-tested traditional techniques to create a sturdy yet refined weave, with a soft footfall.

We believe that a gorgeous rug isn’t worth a dime if it caused harm to the planet or its people along the way. Thats why we commit to giving back and supporting the community of the crafts(wo)men that create our rugs in a direct, transparent and measurable way. *Describe Current situation/needs of weavers. *In light of these circumstances. *We have partnered with xxx and xxx, two well-established and internationally-esteemed organizations doing important xxx work in rural xxx benefiting craftspeople, migrant workers, farmers, and traditional xxx.

BODEM rugs commits to made-to-order production rather than mass production. If an item is not needed, it doesn’t get made.

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BODEM Rugs are handmade from premium jute which is breathable, soft and durable. Easy on the eyes & easy on the planet

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