Jute is a natural beauty. Its natural fibers age beautifully and thrive under an equally natural cleaning regime. In case your rug is getting dusty, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. Pro tip: moving the vacuum in different angles will get even the tiniest dust out, leaving your rug crispy clean. Avoid over-vacuuming to prolong its life. For ultra-sunny rooms, rotate your rug over time so it fades evenly.

Please avoid chemical cleaning. A jute rug can’t be steam cleaned, as moisture, rug cleaners and spot cleaners can mess with the natural colour richness of the fibers. In case you spill something (or your dog was really excited to see you), it’s best to blot the area repeated with a dry cloth to pull out as much moisture as possible. Wait until it is dry. In case of severe stains, contact a professional.